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Compilation Report

This Report should be read in conjunction with the following important assumptions:
  • Our analysis relies on the best available data supplied by each jurisdiction.  While we have exercised due care and skill in compiling this Report, data supplied has not been subject to audit or review.  Therefore the completeness, accuracy and reliability of jurisdictional data cannot be verified or guaranteed
  • While data presented is as comparable between jurisdictions as possible, body type data recorded by each jurisdiction is not homogenous
  • Camper Trailers are identified by separate Body Type in Queensland, Tasmania, Northern Territory and Western Australia.  Camper Trailers in South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales are defined as those Caravan Trailers (same body type as caravans) weighing less than or equal to 750kg.  We define caravans in South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales as those caravan trailers weighing greater than 750kg
  • Fifth wheeler registrations are only identifiable in Western Australia, Victoria, Queensland and South Australia and have been incorporated in the Caravan category
  • Campervan registrations are only identified separately in Queensland and have been incorporated in the Motorhome category
  • New registrations are brand new registrations (i.e. vehicles registered for the first time since manufacture)
  • Renewed registrations include owner-transferred registrations and registration renewals
To the extent permitted by law, neither the Caravan Industry Association of Australia nor BDO accept responsibility to any person for the contents of the information provided through this website. We do not accept liability for any loss or damage which any person may suffer arising from any negligence on our part. No person should rely on this Report without having an audit or review conducted.