We are pleased to announce, in partnership with our member state associations and BDO, the release of our new RV Sales Insight platform to enable dealerships to benchmark their performance and to support broader industry initiatives.

What is the RV Sales Platform?
In collaboration with BDO, this new platform allows dealerships to create a secure and confidential account to report their sales data monthly.  This data is then aggregated and anonymised to provide industry wide benchmarking for dealerships to analyse sales volume, average sales price, inventory levels and sales per staff across new and used recreational vehicles.

Why is RV Sales Data Important?
In the caravan and camping industry, we have a wealth of insights available, with manufacturers, caravan parks and consumers providing anonymised and aggregated data monthly to help us measure the performance of the caravan and camping industry.  We use this data to talk to government regarding the opportunities and challenges in the industry; to direct marketing campaign activities to ensure demand remains strong; and to provide benchmarks for businesses to understand how they are performing within the broader industry.  Reporting on RV Sales data is crucial in understanding customer demand and behaviour, as well as supply trends.  An example of how the research will be published can be found here.

How to Get Involved
We’ve prepared the below video explaining the platform, the sign-up process for the first time, how to report your sales and an overview of the benchmarks. Head over to rvsales.caravanstats.com.au to register. As the dealership sample size grows, the next iteration of the platform will be moving towards providing more granular analysis such as state performance, business size comparison and vehicle type analysis.  If you are a Ultimate Business Systems client, you are able to connect your account directly to RV Sales to automate your reporting and benchmarking.

Privacy and Confidentiality
Ensuring business privacy and confidentiality is critically important. BDO is acting as an intermediary to collect, aggregate and anonymise sales data on behalf of the industry.  We abide by the Privacy Act to ensure security protocols are adhered to.  At no time does Caravan Industry Association of Australia staff, members or board have access to individual identifiers.