Australians’ love for caravan and camping is well documented, and the latest figures from Tourism Research Australia have revealed domestic caravan and camping trips are more popular than ever.

According to the latest domestic tourism snapshot, Australians spent a total of 54.5 million nights caravan and camping in the year ending March 2019, marking a 6.5% increase from the previous year.

The total number of trips came to 12.9 million in an increase of 8.5% from the previous year.

Each year, caravan and camping trips are hugely beneficial to regional destinations and the 2018-2019 year was no different, with 30% of all trips in regional Australia involving caravan or camping.

In fact, caravan and camping accommodation accounted for 20% of all nights spent in regional destinations.

While on these trips, many caravan and campers also opted out to eat at local cafes or restaurants. This was the most popular activity for the year, with 6.7 million caravan and camping trips involving eating out.

Growth was experienced across all states and territories in terms of trips, with double digit growth recorded for Northern Territory, South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania and Queensland in terms of trips.  New South Wales and Western Australia also experienced growth, albeit at a slightly lower rate.

In terms of age demographics, the family segment (i.e a parent with a child living at home) accounted for the largest numbers of trips at 4.4 million, with the younger midlife demographic (no children) following with 4.2 million trips.

When it comes to total nights, older non-working ‘grey nomads’ demographic are leading the way with 32% of total nights, and the family segment at 30%.

TRA notes to use caution when comparing 2019 NVS estimates with earlier years. The move to 100% mobile phone interviewing has seen increases to 2019 NVS estimates which have an upward influence on growth rates.

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